We’re making it simple for people to pay for and use transport on their terms

And for operators to grow margins significantly and reduce ticketing costs by 40% or more

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tikpay is a true account-based solution.

For modern cities to thrive, we need accessible transport that makes it easier for people to move from one place to another.

But outdated hardware and systems are holding operators back from delivering the kind of seamless experience that today’s travellers expect. That’s why tikpay isn’t another transaction platform; it’s a native account-based enabler of seamless fare payments, however, whenever and wherever travellers choose to pay.

We’re redefining what it means to travel seamlessly

Payment done their way

Tap. Scan. Sign, or share. Being truly friction-free means letting travellers access multi-modes of transport with whatever means works best for them.

Concessions loaded

Because credentials are linked to an account, users know they’re always getting the best fare for their type of travel (e.g for families or employees).

Never caught short

On-demand, after they need it, or all in advance. tikpay accommodates the needs and expectations of different types of users - tourists, commuters and occasional travellers - across multi-operator products.

We’re the back-office solution to support the ambitions of future-focused operators

No hardware, no problem

tikpay frees you of the restraints - and the responsibility - that comes with using, maintaining and upgrading proprietary hardware, reducing both opex and capex.

Technology that keeps pace

We’re continually deploying upgrades with new features and improvements that are all included in your subscription.

Operate with agility

Offer more flexible products, pricing and promotions, support travellers with account and concession records and use valuable data and insights for more informed decision making.

How it works

The tikpay platform

1. Transaction management

Secures credential data, checks credentials against lists (e.g. lost/stolen, insufficient funds, low balance or expired product) and manages risk by creating a score for every transaction.

2. Customer account

Captures credentials and funding sources, stores trip and purchase information and keeps customers updated with messages and alerts.

3. Fare determination

Matches taps to create trips, determines the nominal trip fare and the best fare for the day, and considers risk to initiate payment clearing at any point.

4. Payment orchestration

Orchestrates payment authorisations and clearings, reconciles payment settlements and optimises debt recovery.

5. Closed-loop processing

Enables prepaid, decoupled and invoiced accounts for travellers, companies and government, processes transactions and facilitates account settlements.

6. Revenue apportionment

Determines revenue share for each operator where multi-operators are used, updates the account ledger and orchestrates settlement payments at an agreed frequency.

"The transportation space is going through a paradigm shift where the traditional systems of payments have created obstacles for both commuters and providers, combined with inefficiencies in reconciling transactions. tikpay is aiming to disrupt this space and we’re super excited to back them and support them on their journey."
Barry Winata, Founder and Managing Partner - Metagrove Ventures

A simplified way to pay for transport

As we introduce tikpay to new operators, we're onboarding limited customers at a time. If you're curious about how tikpay could work for you, or you’d like to know more about supporting our growth, reach out to start the conversation.

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