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True Account Based System Checklist

Are you looking for your next transporting ticketing solution? Do you want to get all of the benefits of a true account-based ticketing solution?

Published on
September 13, 2023

What is an account-based ticketing platform?

An account-based ticketing (ABT) is a fare-collection system that receives and manages information about your customers and their travel in a back-office account (rather than on a card).

This includes:

  • Fare media
  • Funding sources
  • Products
  • Concessions & discounts
  • Groups
  • Profiles & history

Account-based ticketing back-office checklist

When accessing a transport ticketing & payment solution, check for the following functionality:

  • Multiple account types
    Allow customers to be completely anonymous or register / verify their details for additional benefits
  • Multiple simultaneous concessions & discounts
    Customer concessions & discounts can all be stored against their account
  • Multiple fare media
    Customers can assign multiple fare media to their account
  • Multi funding sources
    Customers can allow fares to be paid using multiple funding sources
  • Multiple groups
    Groups can be created to share funding sources with other accounts, such as for families, employers and governments
  • Multiple ticketing models
    Customers can choose when they want to pay for their tickets - before, now or later
  • Multiple simultaneous products
    Customers can have multiple products applied to their account

Well we have put a checklist together for you, which explains what you should expect from an account-based ticketing solution.

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